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Super VW/AUDI Memo Scanner





Product Name: Super VW / AUDI Memo Scanner
Part No.: VAG5053
Net Weight: 0.80KG

VAG5053 Features:

1. Applications:
VAG5053 is a powerful, affordable handy scanner designed for all VW, AUDI, SKODA, and SEAT vehicles. It is small in size, robust in design, competitive in price and easy to use. With only 10% of the cost of a large special tool, it can nearly do the same work as that of a VAG1551/1552. This is a stand alone unit; it does not need a laptop computer to operate.

2. Available Functions:
Control Unit Information
Read Fault Codes
Measuring Blocks
Clear Fault Codes
Basic Setting
Single Reading
Output Tests
Code Module
Service Oil Reset
Code Modes
Dealership Code Set

3. Supported Systems:
VAG5053 can support the following systems:
Airbag, etc.
there are 78 systems available.

4. Main Features:
Low price: the price is only about 10% of that for a large special tool
Powerful functions: it can nearly do the same work as that of a VAG1551/1552
Powered via diagnostic connector, no additional power is needed
Plug and play, ease to use
High reliable and accurate

Language suppport: French,Czech,Spanish,English,Polish.